This statement on an office window literally stopped me in the street recently. I took this picture of it, then went home and looked up the company’s website. I then wrote this blog about it, and because I’ve now posted it onto my website you are now reading it. All because of a few words on a window. They are displayed on the office building of F!nn, a PR company based in Leeds and it is a refreshingly blunt way of thinking in the world of marketing. “We specialise in creating PR that makes conversations”, exclaims the website – “messages, experiences and stories that people can’t keep to themselves. They share it, they pass it on, they bring the brand to life just by talking about it.” This may seem like common sense but companies still insist on surrounding us with cold, patronising advertising to sell their products, and with ever increasing ways of displaying these ads it is now surely more important than ever that advertising is as creative as it can be.

I hope that agencies like F!nn continue to question client briefs and generate their own interesting PR ideas, and I hope that more agencies will eventually follow suit. The world will always be full of advertising, but producing advertising that we actually engage with not only makes a brand more interesting, it also makes the world a little more interesting too.

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